Listen. Almost every single person getting married has never been in front of a professional lens before. And that's okay! Keeping you comfy and fading into the background while you enjoy your day is my number one priority. 

For portraits, you can count on me to gently direct you through movement and moments with your partner that showcase your connection. You won't see me painstakingly molding you into static poses, but I won't leave you hanging, either. I'm your creative partner in this process and it's my job to strike the balance between delivering photos you're happy with, that are also undeniably, authentically, fully you

As a lifelong story teller, my goal is to capture the little moments between the poses. You'll find stolen looks, hand squeezes, and inside jokes in all of my couples' galleries. I focus exclusively on authentic, documentary style photos unique to each human and brand. Throughout our day together, you'll mostly find me chasing those candid shots that are brimming with emotion. 

What you can expect from me is sincere, heartfelt connection, thoughtful communication, and a vibe that's tailored exactly to the type of love between you and your partner. If you're goofy, let's be goofy! If you're sweet, let's make it sweet. I'm never going to tell you to "smile" or give me a fake laugh - we're gonna get all the realness on camera. Real tears, real laughter, real stolen kisses. 

Intentionality is at the heart of everything I do. The journey that brought you here is full of little moments and details that you thoughtfully, intentionally, pulled together. My job is to match your level of commitment and to be a meaningful part of your intimate, joyous, and carefree day. 



"What if we're awkward in front of the camera?" 

I sure do! I offer discounts to some locations, but otherwise travel will be included in my final quote / contract. 

For now, I primarily shoot digital. However, I am drawn to the softer, nostalgic, and honest look of film. You'll find a hint of that vibe in all of my edits, regardless of the tools I'm using. 

YES. Absolutely, always. I shoot with two cameras at all times just in case one fails. Both cameras also have two slots for SD cards so I’m copying your photos twice. As soon as I get home, I load photos onto an external hard drive and in cloud storage to ensure their safety. 

Being based in the Pacific Northwest, I am so prepared for rain! I love the way it can show up in photos, too. That said, it’s important to be flexible and prepared. If we’re shooting outdoors, I ask that everyone bring rain gear just in case. If we’re in a place where indoor shooting is possible, we can also always move indoors. If there is lightning, I will ask that we take cover for safety until the storm is over. 

Maybe! I tend to recommend second shooters for weddings over 100 people. That said, I do not typically hire second shooters since smaller weddings are my specialty. 

I do not offer RAW photos as part of any of my packages. However, rest assured that you will have plenty of photos to remember your day by! To get a sense of my editing style, please take a careful look at my portfolio to make sure you’re excited about it. The venue, lighting, etc., may change how photos look from album to album, but you’ll see a common theme regardless. 

I deliver a sneak peek of photos within 48 hours after shooting your event. Your fully edited album will be in your (digital) hands within four weeks after your wedding or elopement! 

Yes, absolutely. You can download all of your photos, in high resolution, for free. I never charge per download. If you'd like prints, you can print directly from my website or I can refer you to local printers that will do your photos justice. 

I can help you find locations, understand permits, and work with vendors to make your day as seamless and special as it should be. If you'd like me to serve as your planner, let me know! 

If you send me 30 emails, I’ll respond to 30 emails. If you’ve got Pinterest boards, Instagram pages, or magazines that inspire you, I’ll pore over them. I’m your creative partner in this process. I’ll also make sure I’m in lock-step with your other vendors, so we’re all working together to make your day special. 

what you can expect

With me, you don’t just get a photographer: I’m your hype woman, confidant, dress fixer, tear-wiper, laughter-generator and guide through this process. I can help zip up your dress, straighten your tie, cry with you during vows, share my chapstick, and most importantly,
share in the planning and documenting of your love the way you know it and want to remember it.


what people say

ready to get started?

  • 8+ hours of coverage 
  • Discounted engagement session
  • Vendor recommendations / selection
  • Location recommendations / scouting
  • Timeline assistance

For more traditional weddings
For couples who want the full experience - from getting ready, to the ceremony, and all the way through a bangin’ reception. These are weddings with 40+ guests, and might include multiple locations. 

Immortalizing moments with loved ones shouldn't be taken lightly. This day is unrepeatable, and one of just a few moments in your life where you get to fully, completely, bathe in the richness of love between your partner and your favorite humans in the world. 



starting at $2,800

collection one

  • Up to 5 hours of coverage
  • Discounted engagement session
  • Vendor recommendations / selection
  • Location recommendations / scouting
  • Timeline assistance

For micro-weddings and elopements
This is for shorter weddings with fewer than 40 guests. It may be an elopement or a micro-wedding, with simply a vow exchange and a dinner with friends and family. 

$350 / hr

collection TWO

  • 8+ hours of coverage
  • Help planning, understanding laws and permits
  • Vendor recommendations / selection
  • Location recommendations / scouting
  • Timeline assistance
  • Travel nationally and abroad

Adventure elopements and micro-weddings
or the rule-breakers, adventurous spirits, and folks who want to get the heck outta town. These are full-day experiences that might include sunrise hikes, helicopter rides, exploring new cities, rock climbing, and any adventure you can dream up. We’ll spend the day together, from getting ready over coffee, through your adventure, vow exchange, and celebration afterwards - just the two of you or with friends and family. 

Starting at $3,000

collection THREE